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Last Updated 07/07/2017


I decided to create this little webpage as a means to share some of the guitar tabs that I've collected, arranged or composed. I'm targeting the amateur guitarist.

Many of the tunes are the results of my own arrangements, but others are transcriptions of others' work, stuff I've worked out from Youtube videos or recordings. I've used several different programs for notating the tablature, but I've currently settled on Lilypond for final rendering. For initial tabbing I use Tuxguitar, which allows me to export to the Lilypond format.

I don't intend to violate anyone's copyright here, but I may have done so inadvertently. I usually try to find a good published arrangement of a tune first, but as many of you already know, there are tons of songs that have not been arranged for guitar. So, there's lot's to do.

I've included a "Books" section in case someone might be interested. Many of the books are out of print. I'm considering trying to get others to donate images of their books and the song contents. Let me know, if you're interested in donating images of your book collection. Guitar books seem to go out of print pretty fast. We should try to preserve the good ones.