Music Files

The following music files are not entire tunes. My website is a free account and so I'm limited to about 500k per file. I intend to get a paid account as soon as I can find the time to look around for the best deal, but until then ... sorry. Also, they're not .mp3 files. They are .ogg files, which are an open source alternative. There should be free software available on the internet to play or convert them. I'll look around and add some links later.

Guitar Samples

  1. Lagrima - Takamine TH5C (Cedar Top) - Tarrega
  2. Lagrima - Loriente Marieta (Spruce Top) - Tarrega
  3. Lagrima - Michael Thames (Cedar Top) - Tarrega
  4. Lagrima - Pavan TP30-AC (Spruce Top) - Tarrega
  5. Naruto - Loneliness - Anime
  6. Funeral March - Chopin

Other Samples

Nothing here yet.